Johann Sebastian Bach
The capella collection*

Organ works

Six Trio Sonatas
BWV 525-530
Preludes and Fugues
BWV 531-552
Eight Short Preludes and Fugues
BWV 553-560
Fantasias and Fugues
BWV 561-563
Toccatas and Fugues
BWV 564-566
BWV 567-569
BWV 570-573
BWV 574-581
Passacaglia and Fugue BWV 582
Trios BWV 583-586
Miscellaneous BWV 587-591
Concertos After Other Composers
BWV 592-597
BWV 598
The Little Organ Book (Orgelbüchlein)
BWV 599-644
Six Schübler Chorales
BWV 645-650
Eighteen 'Leipzig' Chorale Preludes
BWV 651-668
Chorale Preludes - "German Organ Mass"
BWV 669-689
Organ Chorales from the Kirnberger Collection
BWV 690-713
Miscellaneous Chorale Preludes
BWV 714-740
Other Chorale Preludes BWV 741-765
Partitas and Variations on Chorales BWV 766-771
Chorale preludes edited by A. Frowein